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Our goal is to reach as many children and as many families as possible.
And we offer a range of services and programs designed with your needs in mind.

Treatment Mapping™
Jump-Start your home-based program over 3-full days
Intensive home-based programs for individual families
A maximum of 5 families in your area learn IMTI methods together
Seminars and lectures about autism and IMTI for audiences of 20 to over 500
Join our team through IMTI Professional Training Courses

Treatment Mapping™ is a unique two-hour personalized consultation which reviews a range of assessment information about a child's strengths and challenges and provides a "Treatment Map" for parents including a first-steps action plan.

Parents complete an in-depth Child and Family History Survey and submit all relevant assessments, diagnoses and reports. Observation of the parent-child interaction (through video or on-site in-person) is also required and used for assessment. Each Treatment Map addresses a child's needs from a Multi-Treatment perspective including biomedical treatment if needed, cognitive and behavioural education and Attitudinal Fitness™ strategies. The Treatment Map outlines the widest range of options possible customized to an individual family's goals and resources.

Please contact us to schedule a Treatment Mapping™ consultation.

The Jump-Start Program is an inspiring and yet practical 3-day training that provides parents with the knowledge, strategies, and techniques to successfully set-up and begin a home-based treatment program for their child. The program typically takes place in the family's home and is designed for parents of recently diagnosed children who have not previously run home-based programs. This program is the first training required for families to complete before applying for Intensive In-Home Training. Parents will receive three full days of individualized training including:
    Step-by-step program design and administration guidance
    Autism treatment theory classes
    Observation of the IMTI program modeled with their child
    Practice sessions with debrief / feedback
    Videoed training
    Family Attitudinal Fitness™ Training
    Biological treatment consultation
    Curriculum resources
    1 Pre- and 1 post-training consultation

Intensive In-Home Training is our premium training program, directed by a certified professional IMTI Trainer who, under the guidance of IMTI Founder, Jonathan Alderson:
    Directs the treatment and training of your IMTI Program
    Evaluates your in-home education program
    Designs customized curriculum and provides resources
    Sets developmentally appropriate target objectives and team goals
    Models techniques and strategies directly with the child
    Provides consultation for challenging behaviours and family unit function
    Facilitates monthly training and feedback sessions for parents and therapists
In-Home Training is offered to families who have completed the Jump-Start program and who are committed to once monthly full-day training sessions. Through open dialogue, frequent communication, and a positive accepting perspective, a dedicated IMTI Trainer commits 110% to supporting a family's home-based treatment.

Small Group-Based Training offers an affordable alternate to the Intensive In-Home Training in which a maximum of 5 families (10 participants) in your local area learn IMTI methods together. A Professional certified IMTI Trainer provides monthly or bi-monthly training seminars, workshops using our most effective training techniques including:
    Video-enhanced training and feedback sessions
    Biological treatment education and consultation
    Family and therapist attitudinal training
Small-group based programs are ideal for families interested in providing part-time (remedial) treatment for children in conjunction with school or other treatments. Availability is dependent on registration of a minimum of 3 families per local.

Seminars and Lectures presented by Jonathan Alderson can be arranged for groups between 20 up to 1000 or more. Topics on autism include diagnosis, treatment, various interventions, positive attitudinal perspectives, biological treatment options, the Multi-Treatment perspective, and re-framing challenging behaviours, among others. Jonathan is also available to lead workshops on a wide range of topics on Special education, group dynamics and communication.

Professional Training Courses lead to certification as a professional IMTI Trainer for a career serving families with children with autism. IMTI Trainers work in conjunction with and under the supervision of IMTI Founder, Jonathan Alderson to train and direct families in the Intensive Multi-Treatment Intervention program. Applicants to the Professional Training Course have a minimum undergraduate level degree or associate certification in education, psychology, autism treatment or related fields. Please contact the IMTI Coordinator for more information and an application.
"In a nut shell, Jonathan is a genius. His capacity of knowledge in the field of autism is immense. More importantly however, is his ability to share his knowledge in easily digestible points. I have learned an enormous amount in the past two years working with him and have seen remarkable changes in my recovering autistic daughter. If you embark on a journey with Jonathan and execute his ideas you will undoubtedly experience success for yourself and your child."

-- Grace Khon-Shea, Alberta, Canada
"This was the most informative, interesting and educational course CAS has offered. This speaker knows his stuff; not a minute was wasted, and his love and excitement in this area are contagious. You could have heard a pin drop, he had everyones attention. Fabulous course, brilliant speaker!" -- Parent, Participant at Children's Aid Society Workshop, London, Ontario
"I feel like in three months I have grown more as a person than ever before. Through IMTI I have developed new ways of viewing challenging situations as well as approaching life more positively. I am very grateful for the input you have had in my life this summer and over the last few years working as a volunteer-therapist for your program. I know that I would be a very different person today if I had never met these special families and been connected with IMTI. So thanks again."

-- Laura Hounsell, College Student, Volunteer-Therapist
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