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This unique and powerful approach to supporting and educating people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) begins with an underlying acceptance of the differences and challenges of the child or adult with autism. We then integrate a variety of best practice treatments into a single program. Every IMTI program is customized to address the unique challenges and needs of each individual child.

The program design focuses on three main domains:
    1) Biological treatment
    2) Behavioural and cognitive education
    3) Family and therapist Attitudinal Fitness™ training
The underlying belief of the IMTI model is that the factors contributing to your child's behaviour, communication and learning challenges are multifaceted: therefore, treatment should be multi-faceted as well. Jonathan Alderson, Founder IMTI
New Video! Jonathan Alderson was honoured to be a Royal LePage "Local Hero" and to receive congratulations from the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller.

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Jonathan Alderson is nominated for Globe and Mail's "25 Transformational Canadians" Award. Read more

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Challenging The Myths Of Autism by Jonathan Alderson
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